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Biohazard in Sacramento

4/2/2021 (Permalink)

Biohazards can range from hoarding scenes and sewage backups to suicides and deaths.

Here at SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade, we handle all types of biohazards listed above. 

We recently had a biohazard in Sacramento. The person within the home committed suicide by gunshot. Every suicide biohazard is sensitive and we handle each situation with respect. 

We provide an initial inspection to assess the incident. Some cases may have blood and bodily fluids on the floor or staining on the walls. We use liquid blood detectors to see if areas around the scene have been affected. Typically, we remove flooring, baseboards and trim, ceiling and walls, but every situation will be different and we treat it accordingly.

If you have a type of biohazard situation, call SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade at 916-285-7257. We will inspect and assess the situation for you.

Another biohazard call! Hoarding cleanup near Arden-Arcade

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

trash can filled with trash hoarding scene biohazard hoarding cleanup near me near Sac near wilhaggin near elmhurst cal expo We handle biohazards such as hoarding scenes near Elmhurst, Wilhaggin, Arden-Arcade, Sacramento, Cal Expo, and more surrounding areas!

Without proper training on hoarding remediation, you are not protecting yourself and others from the dangerous substances in the environment. There are multiple hazards in a hoarding situation that can cause diseases. The hazards are:

  • Human/animal urine and feces
  • Pests and insects such as mice, rats, flies, roaches, etc
  • Dead animals
  • Chemicals
  • Rotten food
  • Mold

With materials like the above left to fester both inside and outside of the home, the solids and liquids that are left to prolong will eventually seep into the surrounding structure, ultimately damaging the floorboards, the walls, and the roof structure. It is best to call SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade as soon as you discover a hoarding scene. We are trained professionals in hoarding remediation, and we handle other biohazard services such as sewage backups, crime and trauma scenes, bloodborne pathogens, homicide cleanups, suicide/death accidents and more! Call us today at 916-285-7257 for more information!

How Do We Protect Ourselves When Handling Biohazards?

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

male wearing PPE equipment for biohazard near Carmichael near me near Cal Expo near Wilhaggin near Sacramento near Sac We always wear PPE when we get calls to handle biohazards in Carmichael, Sacramento, North Oak Park, Arden-Arcade and other surrounding areas! Call us

SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade can provide biohazard cleanup services. When our team is dispatched into the field to handle a biohazard, we need to ensure there is personal protective equipment provided! Personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, is provided to reduce the risk of exposure from chemical, physical, or biological hazards. 

The personal protective equipment required to cleanup materials contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious material (OPIM) and protect from exposure are:

  • Respirator 
  • Disposable non-permeable coveralls
  • Eye protection
  • Hand protection
  • Head protection
  • Foot protection 

At SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade, we are equipped with the necessary safety apparatus to help transform these unhealthy environments back into a clean and safe space. Our technicians are highly trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly. We take pride in our biohazard cleaning expertise. We also provide water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and storm damage restoration for both residential and commercial buildings, so call us today at 916-285-7257! The local areas we serve are Sacramento, East Sacramento, Carmichael, Sacramento State, Arden-Arcade, North Oak Park, Cal Expo, Tahoe Park, Elmhurst, and Wilhaggin.

What Happens When You Call SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade For A Biohazard?

12/3/2020 (Permalink)

male in yellow personal protective equipment suit with booties and mask Blood biohazard cleanup in Elmhurst. We always wear personal protective equipment when dealing with biohazards.

A biohazard job lead can come to SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade in many ways! It can be through yourself, a property manager, an insurance representative, or our SERVPRO corporate headquarters. Regardless of how we receive the lead, we will need to gather specific information from you prior to dispatch. What is considered a biohazard? A biohazard can range from trauma, bloodborne pathogens, sewage backups, chemical spills, or hoarding, to name a few. Due to the sensitivity of this type of work, we realize it may be difficult to ask for specific information. We respect you and your current situation and believe what is best is allowing you to explain the circumstances in your own words. At minimum, the following information we gather is to help ensure a proper and appropriate response to your situation.

  • Name of the caller, name of the customer, or contact information of the property owner, if they are different
  • Address of the loss
  • Type of structure
  • Urgency, scheduled or emergency services required
  • Cause of loss and type of loss i.e. injury, death, decomposition
  • Affected areas
  • If or when the scene will be released by authorities for us to perform our work

SERVPRO of East Sacramento/West Arden-Arcade understands the sensitive nature of the information and situation. We are here for you to help you through these difficult times. For more information about biohazards, visit our website or call us if you need a biohazard cleanup service at 916-285-7257.